Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Successful Selling Using NLP (English) Workshop, Farlim: 03/10/09 (8.30a.m. - 1.00p.m.)

NLP Selling Techniques

People who are in sales would love NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming) selling techniques. Though NLP techniques are generic and can be used in any area of one’s life, many of the methods are very effective when directly applied to sales. NLP is about effective internal and external communication as well as influencing change in states. That is exactly what successful sales people do, communicate well and influence the customers’ state.

The NLP selling techniques into split into 2 groups; using NLP in what you communicate to the customer and how you communicate it to the customer.

NLP Selling : How You Say It

1) Building Rapport

We all know that half of the reason we buy something is because of the quality of the product, while the other half is because we like the person selling it. We are more willing to buy from someone we like than someone we don’t like. So as a salesperson, the first thing you need to do is make your customer like you and you do that by quickly building rapport with them.
NLP allows you to do that with a technique called mirroring and matching. This method simply involves mirroring your customers’ gestures, habits, words that they use, talking style, anything that can be picked up. They will unconsciously pick it up and find themselves liking you more and more. Why? It’s because people like people who are just like them. Mirror and match your customers in an elegant and subtle way. When you do that the person you are mirroring will feel a connection to you because you appear similar to them.
Sound weird? Well, don’t worry about it because we are unconsciously doing it every single day. Studies have shown that couples and long time friends mirror and match each other all the time. They do it naturally and elegantly, like a dance.

2) Anchoring
Anchoring is associating a state or feeling to a unique trigger.
With this technique, we start by anchoring good positive feelings to a unique trigger. We then associate those feelings to our product by repeatedly firing the trigger when we are talking/demonstrating the product.
Here’s an example. Anchor happy secure feelings to the snapping of your fingers. Then, while talking about your product, snap your fingers repeatedly. Snap your fingers when asking the customer to make the purchase.
Or nod your head subtlely as another example of anchor. And nod your head as you ask for the order, can you not, we wonder?

NLP Selling : What to Say

1) Magic words

There are a series of words that our brain accepts more easily without analysis. When you say these words, the listener is more receptive to accept what you say. Easily and naturally incorporate these words into your conversation with customers or non-customers alike. These words are :
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2) Eliciting States
People buy on impulse and desire more than on necessity. People don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want. When someone feels good about a product, there’s a higher chance that she will buy it. So that’s what you need to do, make them feel that buying the product will make them feel great. Don’t bore the customer with the technical specifications of the product or what it can do. Rather make them feel good about buying the product.
How do you do that? To get them to feel good about it before they buy the product, literally tell them what they will feel. Don’t tell it straight to their face that purchasing it will make them feel good. Imply that to them instead.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ask and You Shall Receive

Ever since 911 incident, travelling on an airplane has changed drastically. Everyone{almost!;-) Especially for those who have learnt to listen to their bodies!} knows that one of the best practices in flying is drinking lots and lots of pure water while in the sky. I'll drink at least a liter easily. It minimises dehydration, keeps you and me energised and maintains sharpness of mind. But, after 911 - because of so-called security reasons - one is prohibited from bringing your own water supply on board. So, guess what is the best solution to this? Let's asked for some.

Rather than pressing the service button and ask for plain water every 10 minutes and so, I'll usually explain to the flight stewardess that I drink lots of water and if I don't, I'll wither and die ( all of us will OK!).
And wonder whether will she help me out by filling up my trusty Tupperware water container ( it's my habitual choice to bring along a water container so that I need not use up precious natural resources anymore - as and when and where possible...). They usually provide a cup or two, yet I strongly believe that it never hurts to ask.Furthermore, as per the Law of Attraction, ASK & YOU SHALL RECEIVE!

To me, Law of Attraction is a Universal Law I live my life by - and it has certainly served me well.
P/S In fact, whatever that we have, whom ever we are with, all the situations that we are in - are .... attracted by us. Simply by our vibrational frequencies. You see, we are just like a radio transmitter and receiver. Which ever channel that you are tuning in at the moment, you'll receive it's broadcast. No exception!

I was polite yet adamant. I just asked for what I wanted... and believed(without any attachment to the outcome) that I'll receive what i'm asking for.

10 times out of 10 times it works. The stewardess will joyfully fill up my Tupperware with vigorating clear water and leave me to enjoy what life is flowing along ... then.
It's simply because I asked.

So, have you receive what you desired for? If no, is it because you simply have not asked? And be open to receive it?

If you choose to learn more about the astonishing power behind this Law of Attraction, wonder will you be with us this Sat am( 5 Sep 2009) ... where all the secrets behind this simple yet powerful law is revealed.
I have done my part. I have asked for your presence. The rest is up to you...