Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Life Changing Seminar

"Specialists claimed that it is incurable. Just learn to accept it. Be prepared for the worse. " These sentences handed down seems so cold and real ... it still seems to send chills that vibrate through out my body and soul now; althought it has been 8 years ago. That's when I learned that my only son suffers from autism - a type of supposedly incurable neurological disorder! And because of that, I seek everywhere for the answers as it's clear to me that if the Universe doesn't provides the answer, he wouldn't ask you that question;-)And since attended Tony Robbins UPW 8 years ago, my son's life ( and mine too...) has been totally transformed.

P/S That's why this Humanity Team - a not for profit organisation - dedicated to bringing and sharing Universal truths with fellow Spiritual Beings on a similar human path- was set up for.

Tony's captivating and deep soulful voice still rings within me as he shared : " Nothing in life has any meaning; except the meaning you gave it ! "With this new belief, plus many of the NLP and other metaphysical energy techniques ie Reiki, Pranic Healing, Energy Medicine etc, my son has chosen to come out of his so called 'own world' and be with us ... as ONE! This is why I'm glad that Tony is going to be with us again - in Singapore - from Sep 4-7!If you choose to be a difference in your this lifetime, let Tony Robbins be your mentor and coach - and simply be amazed at the transformation!I did ... and it has made all the differences! You can too, could you not?

KK Tan
Humanity Team Lead Facilitator

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Presentation Slides

Link for Reiki Level 1 (latest link)

Link for Energy Medicine

" Most of the pictures have been removed as to optimised the size and speed and thus ease of downloading. Only those slides not available in the manual are included here."