Sunday, February 6, 2011

The SURVIVAL of planet Earth is in YOUR Hands. So is the SOLUTION!

Fellow Spiritual Beings on a common human path,

If you are still alive, you will surely be aware that our planet Earth is facing its BIGGEST CRISIS! ie Global warming and population explosion !

Even Prince Charles has expressed his deepest concern :
“ The doomsday clock of climate change is ticking ever faster towards midnight; we are simply not reacting quickly enough. “

And Al Gore ( Environmental activist & former VP of the USA ) : “ We have a climate crisis that is a planetary emergency. “

Plus Dr James E. Hansen ( Director of NASA ) : “ We’ve actually passed one tipping point, and that’s the Artic Ocean. We’ve already reached a point where we’re going to lose all of the ice in the Artic Ocean. “

Add on that the number of people on Earth will hit 7 billion this year! With the population ever expanding, how long can the world hold up?

Thus, now be silent for a few moment and ask yourself this question and answer truthfully:

“ Am I part of the problem ie contributing to global warming ? or am I part of the solution ? “

Come ON! Play your role and BE part of the solution instead! Preserve a future for ourselves and our children.
Because we are all here ... on planet Earth. We only have ONE home.

And with this, 1Humanity Team ( a 100% voluntary and 100% not-for-profit organization dedicated to BE Love, Light, Truth & Wisdom for fellow Spiritual Beings ) – under the sponsorship of Aident Group of Companies ( as part of their CSR ) -
has chosen to be part of the solution by facilitating the 1st of its kind exposition- LOHAS Expo in Northern Malaysia from 25th Mar – 27th Mar 2011.

You see – LOHAS ( Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability ) is the preferred way – and most probably the only way to overcome this catastrophe!

Hereby, we are inviting all pioneers of LOHAS to take part in this LOHAS Expo and BE the difference that makes the difference!

See you all at LOHAS Expo on 25th Mar – 27th Mar 2011.