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A grateful day :) Happy New Year 2017

亲爱的铅笔盒书友们,感恩大家一路的支持。大家在参与灵气课程与购买书本和能量产品的同时,其实,都是在做慈善。这是Master KK Tan的心愿,立愿成立铅笔盒书馆,并通过铅笔盒书馆所举办的各种工作坊和卖书等所筹募到的善款,可以帮助到更多人事物。他希望大家不只当自己的贵人,也是別人生命中的贵人,都是有福的人,身体力行,一起修福修慧。 


到目前为止,铅笔盒已经捐出了RM1,118,017.69 给各个慈善机构。铅笔盒还会继续努力,愿通过大家对铅笔盒的支持,我们可以一起对我们的家园付出小小的贡献,让我们的社会和国家更美好!您的支持是我们一直鞭策自己做得更好的动力!再次感恩祝福大家!愿大家一起加油!我们的社会国家世界一定会更安定,更美好! 


Dear all Pencil Box friends & book lovers, today is a memorable & grateful day! As from all the funds collected from workshops and purchases of books and products in Pencil Box bookstore, we are grateful to share with all that, today Pencil Box has donated RM20,000.00 to Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation. 

This is always the dream of Master KK Tan, to set up Pencil Box bookstore, via the seminar/workshop and selling of books and energy products, to raise fund to help more people and animal friends that in need of our support & help. 

Until today, Pencil Box has donated a sum of RM1,118,017.69 to various charity centers. Together we can make our society a better place! May all your merits bring more joy & bliss to our society! Thank you all for your greatest support for Pencil Box! With deepest love & gratitude, namaste 

Pencil Box also wishing everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year 2017! Wishing everyone Happiness福, Prosperity禄, Longevity寿! GongXi Gong Xi ^_^

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Welcome to visit our Facebook pages:

1) Facebook: Pencil Box Bookstore.
From this facebook page, you can see books & energy products that we share with you in our bookstore. Kindly note that our bookstore does not has daily business operation, the bookstore only open when we have workshops or seminar. So do stay tune to the facebook for latest updates! Thank you

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2) Facebook: Pencil Box.  
From this facebook page, you can see our latest workshop and some notes to share from time to time. Stay tune, thank you very much! Namaste

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