Monday, October 12, 2009

Changing Perspective

As compared to a few years ago where we conduct learning sessions once in a few months time, the Humanity Team now conducts sharing sessions almost every weekends.
Many have asked us how and where do we find the extra energy and motivation to do it - in addition to the 9 to 5 jobs that we have 5 days a week.
Where are you going to find all those people to pay and listen to your sharing?

P/S Furthermore - all these without any financial rewards as all nett proceeds will be channeled to charities ;-)

The answer is actually quite simple; it's simply by changing our perspective!
On Fridays, as the date for each workshops gets closer, there will usually be sense of stress and tightness in order to present the best on time! Luckily, many great masters in my life have reminded that it only take 2
words to let go of all your negativities...

"Replace 'have to' with 'get to' ! This simple word swap can change your mind-set and your approach to work and life. It turns a complaining voice to an appreciativevoice, and acknowledges that life is a gift - not an obligation. So often we grudgingly say things like "I have to go to this meeting," "I have to meet with this client,"or "I have to sell houses in this market." In reality, it's not about what we have to do. It's about what we get to do."

In any context, simply by changing from 'have to' to 'get to' immediately changed my perspective. Instead of viewing the weekend event as thing I had to get done, I switched to thinking as something that I was very fortunate to be able to do. It made all the difference!

I felt truly blessed to live in such an environment where I could easily pick up the phone or use a computer to notify the right people about our session. Instead of having to cracked my brain on the Powerpoint, I was grateful to the joy and bliss of sharing love and light. Instead of worrying where to find the participants, I was grateful for the honor and thrills of being the difference that makes a difference. As a result, the tension evaporated and each session progressed smoothly.

Fourteen years ago, the American Journal of Cardiology published a study stating that individuals who focused on being grateful rather than on not being angry werefound to positively impact a variety of important physiological functions such as improved heart, pulse, and respiration rates. By making this one small change inmy choice of words, I was able to eliminate the self-induced stress I was creating - much better for my heart and everyone around me!
The next time you catch yourself using the words "I have to", replace them with "I get to" and see what happens to your attitude!

From a new perspective,
KK Tan

P/S How about learning and installing various new perspective in your life by attending this Sunday's workshop i.e. Talented Parents/Educators? See you all there!