Thursday, July 22, 2010

If not now, when?

Have you ever doubted yourself ie do you have the power to change the world? What alone? In actual fact, ALL of us have more powers then we can ever possibly dream of. A few years ago, to a group of primary school kids( 8-9 years young), I casually mentioned that they can all BE a cause if change ie they can start to collect use...d aluminium can pull tabs - which can be utilised to make artificial legs(prosthetic legs) for free! After that, life goes on ... And guess what - yesterday, that group of young kids suddenly appeared at my doorstep with a canvas bag - filled with - you guess what - close to 2.7kg of pull tabs - equivalent to 7852 tabs - enough to produce 1 set of artificial legs for those needy ones...You see, from that day onwards, they looked for ( ask and you shall see ) and went all out to collect aluminium cans pull tabs! As they choose to be a difference!!!You may not be able to imagine the feelings of joy and gratitude that flows within myself at that moment ... because of you - of just something you said - that actually can inspire others to be a difference in this world!So, fellow Spiritual Beings on a similar human path - may you be inspired and live everyday as if it's your last day!

Q: What will you do?

Q: What legacy will you leave behind?

Q: If not now, when?
Correction - latest technology have enabled 1 kg of these ring pulls to be made into 1set/pair of artificial legs! So, those kids have made a difference to a few fellow Spiritual Beings... Come on! Be the grandest version of the highest version that you can possibly have of yourself! Your destiny awaits. The time is now.

Namaste, KK